Veldstad is a simple farming village, located on the hinterlands of Bradleburg. With an economy based primarily on agriculture, the citizens of Veldstad ship wheat, dairy products, and other farm goods out on Oz Runderen’s daily ox train to Bradleburg.

Temperate climate, rolling plains of Irongrass, farmland. Due north of Bradleburg.

The population of Veldstad is thirty-one. Of these, thirty are human, and one is a half-orc: Frans Boer, Jr., the adopted son of Frans and Clara Boer.

The local magistrate acts as representative from Bradleburg. The position is currently held by Leider Burgemeester, a cousin of the Lord Ulfred Bradlebor V of Bradleburg.


  • Wheat
  • Cattle and related products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, beef, and leather
  • Sheep and wool

Establishments & Landmarks

  • Magistrate’s Quarters: The seat of local governance and home of the magistrate. Home to Leider Burgemeester, his wife Rue, and their young children Emma and Daan.
  • The Drunken Sow: A local tavern where the men gather after working their farms all day. Travelers can find rooms to lodge for the night. Owned by Lars Dronken, who is helped by his wife Tess, daughter Fenna, son-in-law Bram Wodka, and infant grandson Sem.
  • Temple of Pelor: The local temple serves the village through providing rudimentary schooling, medical care, and religious services. It is served by three priests of Pelor: Father Ben Predigor, Brother Luis Glauben, and Brother Paul Lehrer.
  • Veldstad General Store: Can sell you most anything you could need. Owner Oz Runderen frequently takes his team of oxen to Bradleburg, shipping the produce of the fields and bringing back goods from civilization. A widower, Oz is assisted by his two sons Lukas and Levi, Lukas’s wife Eva, and young granddaughters Zoe and Sara.
  • The Midwife’s Hut: The elderly Esmerelda Heks and her assistant Tiffany Magie serves the midwifery needs of Veldstad. They are also rumored to be witches, although the townsfolk don’t talk about that much.
  • The Boer Farm: The Boer family specializes in raising dairy cows, and consists of Frans, Clara, and their adopted son Frans Jr.
  • The Tarwe Farm: The Tarwe family has the largest farm in Veldstad, where they grow several acres of wheat which they mill into flour. Ruben lives their with his wife Fleur, son Julian, and daughter-in-law Lynn. They are assisted by their hired hand, Mosi M’safiri, an immigrant from the Doran Isles.
  • The Zaad Farm: The Zaad family has a small herd of sheep and grows some wheat. Luuk lives with his wife Isa and son Finn.


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