This city has long served as the westernmost station, training grounds, and main supply depot to the Ironguard. Long ago it was the base of operations in the war against Khorva.

Temperate climate, fortified urban area (though not dense), slightly wooded areas, and surrounding plains of Irongrass.

Mostly humans and half-elves, with an even spread of other races.

Lord Bradlebor holds head office and Captain Tramley acts as counsel to the Lord, under the direction of Knight Commander Bane.


  • Export of arms, armor, and other military supplies
  • Limestone, copper, and iron mines to the NE
  • Farming villages populate the surrounding area

Establishments & Landmarks

  • Westfront Keep: the Ironguard fortress and training grounds.
  • The Smelting Pit: owned and operated by Jarod Bulkhammer, this well-known smithy relies on local mining and services the Ironguard.


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