In which the party tries to uncover old man Ronny the Bear’s hijinks.

After successfully defeating a group of Willow Men, the gang cuts Fergus loose from the trap that suspended him in the ceiling. Fergus fell into the waiting arms of Walker and Frank, embarrassed but unharmed. As the warlock tended to the dying, the gang faced a choice: go through a door, or down the glowing hallway? After some discussion, they took the hallway, progressing deeper into the mine and passing by several locked side-tunnels. The hallway led into a large cavern filled with an orange glow emanating from a river of molten iron. The cavern contained an ore processing center, purifying the iron ore and preparing it for shipment. Raena noticed a rope hanging over a trap door with a nearby lever, and pulled the lever, revealing a large vat of water.

Hearing someone shuffling ahead, Frank sought to disguise the noise of the party by causing a frog’s croak to echo from the water. Molly snuck up to investigate, and noticed two men bickering about the frog noise and walking toward the group. The party decided to quickly take out these two people, but a tackling pile-up occurred, as Daerik, Raena, and Frank all attempt to tackle but miss the first man. Molly grapples with him before Walker finally takes the first man down. The second man, hearing the tumultuous kerfuffle, retreated, firing a shot off his crossbow behind him. The bolt hit its mark, burying itself deep into Frank’s chest.

They party immobilized and began to interrogate the tackled man. He began to talk about the Drow he saw, but was immediately silenced by a crossbow bolt sniped in from afar. The party heard something drop from the ceiling and begin running. They gave chase, following the noise down a dark cavern which dead-ended into a sheer cliff over an underground lake.

Frank cannonballed into the lake and asked the fish for directions. Gesticulating as a school, the fish convey that the underwater tunnel leads them out, some fish believe there would be enough air in the tunnel for the journey, and that there is definitely danger in the tunnel. Armed with that knowledge, the party decided they would risk the underwater tunnel. The remaining members dove into the water as the school of fish scored their dives. To prepare for underwater danger, Daerik distributed javelins.

The fish led the party through the tunnel, guiding them to air pockets along the way. As they approached a drop off where the water got deeper, they shook their heads, planted a nibble on Frank’s cheek, and left. The party readied their javelins for danger, only to be surprised as silty matter coalesced into a net and captured the party by their ankles. They break away and reach open air, where they follow voices down a tunnel that overlooks a cavern.

Peering down into the cavern, the party views ornately carved walls, pillars and statues. In the center of a cavern, a portal glowed. Ten people, clad in dark robes, stand around the portal. One of them was Ronny the Bear. As Walker inched closer for a better view, he spilled dirt over the edge and into the cavern…


moosetoph Frank_Boer

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