Running through Willow Men

In which our heroes start to get a little too murder-happy

As Daerik sent dirt and debris going down the cliff edge into the cavern below, all ten figures heard the noise and went on alert, but the party pulled back from the edge before they could be spotted. The cavern has a portal in the center, with robed figures around them. Light flickers off the stone walls, emanating from flaming brassieres. One robed figure gestured at two others: “You go check that out!” he said.

The party began to quietly retreat further into the tunnel, but Frank and Tabitha slip on sand, and many members pile up around them. Molly dodges and ran into a room with a large columnar stalactites and stalagmites in the center. Four doors exit this room – one from the cavern overlook from which they came, from the water they had just swam through, and two other exits. Molly drew her dagger and crouched in the room, blending in by posing her body as a stalactite. The rest of the party ducked into the path that returned to the water.

A human male and a female half-orc walked through the room to investigate the noise. Molly pursued them sneakily. The two Willow Men fail to see the source of the noise at the cavern’s edge, and return to the central room. Molly quietly sneaked back to the group, and they listened intently as the pair of Willow Men began to track closer to their hiding location.
Frank attempted to distract the Willow Men by approaching the half-orc, K’al, and discussing her parentage. The Willow Men were confused and not quite sure of what to do with Frank. They entertained his babbling on his genealogy for a while, before apprehending him. Using the distraction Frank provided, Molly launched her dagger square into K’al’s back. Daerik grappled with her, ripping her greatclub from her hands, and Walker launched an arrow through her neck. Blood gurgled in her throat as K’al dropped to the ground gasping.

Fergus and Frank subdued the second Willow Man by conjuring fire and thorn whips. The party interrogating him, learning that the Drow Robinthon Curthoe made the portal. They also found him reaching for an enchanted opal pendant, which Fergus snatches from him and places in his pocket. The Willow Man promised to curry favor for the party with Ronny the Bear, and so they allow him to live.

Frank looked down at the lifeless body of K’al, and picks up her greatclub and a pendant containing an image of her mother. A single tear fell down his cheek in honor of his fellow half-orc as Frank promised to himself to find out the truth of his heritage.
Walker attempted to draw out a few more of the Willow Men by disguising his voice and calling out “Hey we need two more guys out here…one to three men. Five is wide out!”

Several Willow Men follow his call, but then the party hears a roar from the portal. They encountered five Willow Men who had gone to investigate them and began to struggle with them. Among them is a Drow. Frank clubs this Drow as others attack and dispatch him. They convinced the remaining Willow Men that they might need their help to encounter whatever has emerged from the portal, and ran into the cavern lit with the flaming bras. They saw emerged from the portal a monstrosity: an elephant sized creature covered in tentacles, fur, and spines. The remaining Drow encircled this beast, blue energy emulating from their hands and beaming toward the creature.


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