“Do you like pretty things like rings?”

In which the party gains an opal and a Drow captive.

As the Drow charged toward them, Walker steadied his feet, drew his bow, and fired an arrow at the first rushing Drow, planting it deep between his eyes and dropping him dead. “One shot. One kill,” Walker declared.

Seeing his comrade fall, a second Drow drew a silvery talisman engraved in the shape of a spider from his robe. A shadowy aura emerged from the talisman and enveloped another Drow. The leader, the female who had threatened Ronny, remained behind the rest of the Drow.

Molly and Fergus launched ranged attacks against the leader, causing her to stumble and fall to her knees. Frank transformed into a bull, and bellowing, lowered his head and charged for the fallen leader. She managed to dodge out of his way just in the nick of time, but inadvertently dodged into the path of Daerik, who dug his blade deep into her back.

Seeing their leader fall, the remaining two Drow turned to retreat toward the portal. Molly grappled one, tripping him up and slowing his run, while Frank the bull moved to block their path to the portal. Daerik drew a javelin, turned it around, and launched it butt first at the retreating Drow. It smacked him in the side, dropping him unconscious. Walker fired an arrow at the second retreating Drow, causing him to fall down and bleed out.

As the dust settled over the two dead and two unconscious Drow, Ronny and the Willow Men emerged from their hiding places in the bushes to cheer the victorious party members. The humanoid party members began to loot the pockets of the Drow as Frank joined Bessie in chomping on some grass.

The light of the portal diminished, as if losing sustenance after the incapacitation of the Drow. In an effort to understand more, Fergus performed a ritual to detect magic. Both of his rock, the black and the orange, glowed with faint magical light, as did Molly’s arrows and daggers. Studying further, Fergus discerned the types of magic emanating from these objects. The orange rock glowed with conjuration magic. The black opal with transmutation. The spider talisman had a religious aura about it, and a divine symbol carved into it. Fergus also detected magic coming from a second piece of opal jewelry – a ring on the leader of the Drow. The portal spewed and sucked in energy like a solar flare, drawing it from the opals into the portal.

Fergus gave this ring to Molly: “Here’s a ring I found. Do you like pretty things like rings?
“No really” Molly replied, “but I’ll take it. Where did it come from?”
“A corpse,” answered Fergus.

The party questioned Ronny further, and he explained how he fell in with the Drow. “We just wanted to mine iron, but the portal worked better in the cavern. And the Drow were really interested in those dark rocks.” While Ronny dismissed the rest of the Willow Men for Party City, he remained with the adventurers.

“Should we like tie them up or something?” Molly asked, gesturing toward the two unconscious Drow.
The party tied them up and prepared to wake them. Walker and Daerik took on the roles of good cop and bad cop in order to get information out of them. The Drow begrudgingly revealed that they use the portal for travel, and that the opals have a role in controlling them.

Fergus asked Molly to go to the portal and ask it to go to the underdark, to see if it does anything. Molly, approaching the portal, held up her new ring and said “I want to go to Party City,” while gesturing in a vaguely magical way. The portal gained some of its form back but does not return to its full strength. “I’m doing magic, y’all!” Molly declared.

One of the Drow began to bargain for his freedom: “I could show you how to use this if you let me go.” He promised. “I work for very powerful people.” The party responded that they two work for powerful people – Warwick. The Drow expressed his disgust for that half-breed, and Walker, decalring “we’re done here,” drew his sword. The Drow gritted his teach and glared as Walker sliced his throat; dark purple blood spewed out. The party gagged the second Drow, and tied him up in the back of Ronny’s cart.

The party travels easily back to Breckton. While at an Iron Guard checkpoint (where Daerik got chummy with his bros), Walker noticed off in the distance a purple light flash and disappear, followed by a low bass noise. The grass rustled as a creature ran from the portal towards the Iron Guard checkpoint. Walker warned the group, and suddenly magical bolts rained down, striking a member of the Iron Guard, the wagon, and the trees around the party…


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