Frans "Frank" Boer, Jr.

Half-orc from Veldstad


Agreeable Half-Orc Druid from a poor dairy farm who bangs on about his genealogy to everyone.


One morning, Frans and Clara Boer woke up to discover a basket left outside the door of their Veldstad farmhouse. Inside lay a tiny half-orc baby, clutching a small stone figurine. The elderly Boer couple, who had always hoped for a child of their own, readily adopted the half-orcling.

Frank Jr. grew into quite the farmer, seeming to have an innate connection to the dairy cows, especially Bessie, who he hand-raised from a calf. In his spare time, he enjoyed exploring the woods and grasslands on the outskirts of Veldstad farmlands, befriending woodland creatures. But, being the only non-human in the entire village, Frank Jr. never felt like he completely belonged. His desire to discover the truth behind his birth-parents sent him away from the family farm and on the path to adventure.

Frans "Frank" Boer, Jr.

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