"Ugly boobie balls!"

In which the party befriends Bullywugs

Two giant spiders erupted from the grass. One remained in the ground while one climbed into wooden scaffolding. Magic missiles continued to rain down. Molly and Daerik launched projectiles at the spider in the scaffolding as Walker and Frank smashed into the spider on the ground.

Fergus, magically magnifying his voice, shouted “Hey, you with the missiles! We’re helping to kill the spiders. Please don’t shoot us. Thanks.” The party heard muffled voices from the rustling in the grass.

One spider webbed Daerik and the second viciously tore into Walker’s flesh. Suddenly, a Bullywug emerged from the grass, jumped up into the scaffolding, and swiped at the spider. Molly cut Daerik free of the spider’s web. Frank viciously smashed his greatclub into one spider, splattered its head and sending its legs twitching. Smaller spiders emerged from the grass.

Fergus, recalling the few curse words he learned from a fellow Bullywug at the academy, bellowed out “ugly boobie balls” in their native language. The Bullywugs laughed. One emerged from the grass holding a captive Drow. At the same time, the captured Drow, still tied up, tumbled from the cart.

Tabitha dispatched a small spider, while the giant spider from the scaffolding webbed up Fergus. Walker stomped on spider with his boot. Fergus dispatched the final spider with holy flame. The Bullywugs turned to him and called out “ugly boobie balls” in their native language.

“Uggglly boooobbiieee baaalls” Fergus responded slowly in Bullywi. Molly played an accompaniment behind him on the accordion as Daerik danced a slow jig. Fergus punched both Drow in the stomach, and the Bullywugs celebrated and hand over their captive Drow to Fergus. Daerik attempted the Iron Guard secret handshake, and it went badly.

“I’m not like him,” the Drow said, gesturing to the first captive Drow. Daerik asked Ronny to explain. Ronny and the Bullywug’s Drow began to bicker and fight.

Molly set down her accordion and touched the grassland, her favorite terrain, communing with. It alerted her of the location and the closing of the portal.

The Bullywug’s Drow, named Fae’qrris (pronounced “Ferris”), accused Ronny of betraying the circle, as he explained that not all Drow were alike. Some, like him, wanted to get to surface and worship surface gods. He explained how he was a member of something called “The Circus,” “the rich and rare rambling rompers,” an acting company that served as the contact for the portal operation. When Fae’qrris learned the party worked for Warwick, he expressed his excitement.

Holding Fae’qrris captive with their first Drow, the party made their way back to Breckton. The two Bullywugs tagged along. At Lord Breckton’s office, they hand over custody of Ronny and the first Drow, and learn that the lord possessed a small collection of magical stones. Fergus agreed to help him study the magical properties of those stones.

The party introduced Fae’qrris to Warwick, as well as the one of the Bullywugs, whom Fergus had adopted as a son and named Craig Fergussson. With these introductions made, Warwick led the party back to his grand hall.


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