Through the Windows of Warwick's Manor

In which our diverse heroes form a party

Stunned by the bright flashes of light, the sudden appearance of a Fergus, and the propulsion of the belligerent beggar to the roof of the Illumian Manor house, our heroes converged in the courtyard. Warwick, alerted by the kerfuffle, made his way through the window and into the courtyard, followed by his apprentice Quincy Pavlov. He recognized the belligerent beggar as Toothless Joe, and tended to his wounds, with the assistance of Molly. Meanwhile, taking advantage of all the commotion, Keye sneaked through a window and deeper into the manor.

Keye used her feat of Realistic Likeness to morph into the likeness of Warwick. Traveling down a hallway, Keye encountered a set a stairs guarded by two animated suits of armor. Keye bluffed, and successfully convinced “Righty” that she was indeed the master Warwick. “Lefty”, however, remained skeptical. Keye commanded Righty to protect her, and the two armored suites engaged in battle as Keye sneaked down the stairs and into the cave below the manor.

Meanwhile, Warwick, through testing the waters, discovered that a portal must have formed, transporting Fergus all the way from Jürenbjörn to Bradleburg. Explaining more about his research on the portals, Warwick invited Molly, Frank, Walker, and Fergus inside the window to have some food and drink. Warwick dispatched Quincy to board Bessie in the manor’s stables for the night.

Keye, in the cave under the manor, noticed a chest locked behind an iron gate – but with the key still in the padlock. She unlocked the cage and opened the chest – only to have flames shoot at her. She dodged beneath the flames with only minor burns.

Upstairs, the party began to share how they managed to converge on this manor. Walker explained some of his previous work for Warwick, and his exploration of the mysterious portals popping up all over Westfall.

Having survived the flames, Keye managed to steal a few gold pieces from the chest. She continued to look for some object of value to complete her quest for the Crooked Few, but failed picking a second lock. Facing an existential crisis, Keye decided to abandon her life of crime, and climbed back up the stairs. She unsuccessfully tried to convince Righty to join her in her new life, as she jumped out a window and into another enclosed courtyard.

The rest of the party spied Keye through the window. Keye transformed back into her natural Kitsune form, and waved at them. Crawling into a new window, Keye joined the party in the dining room. Then, Quincy brought all the party to Warwick’s study at the top of his tower. Amidst all the assembled members, Warwick explained more about the portals and about a curious situation in a mine outside of Brekton. The Lord Brekton had ongoing difficulties with that mine, as the brigand Robert “Ronny” the Bear had been able to take it over and make it an outpost for his gang of ne’er-do-wells. Warwick suspected, however, that the success of Ronny the Bear had something to do with the mysterious portals. He asked the party to go on a quest to investigate further, and they agree. The members of the party departed for bed, but Frank lingered on to ask Warwick about some of his strange abilities. Warwick expressed interest in Frank’s seemingly innate magical powers, and promised to investigate further.


moosetoph Frank_Boer

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