On the Road to Brekton, Part 1

In which our heroes get into tent shenanigans and kill a wolf

In the carnival of Tent City, Molly found herself entered into an archery contest – and Daerik and Frank found themselves betting heavily on her to win that contest.

Meanwhile, Walker caught up with the suspicious man and discovered a fellow traveler in the realm of the culinary arts. Raoulfoph, however, lacked Walker’s skills in the kitchen, and had displeased his master. Walker resolved to assist him, teaching him the art of creating the perfect fried potato.

Determined to swing the archery contest in Molly’s favor, Frank slyly lit the arrow of Jeremy Hoodrobin, the favored archer, on fire with a well-timed cantrip. Despite this, Hoodrobin managed to recover on his next two shots for the victory, and an angry Frank lit his hat aflame. The judges, however, impressed with Molly’s archery acumen, declared her an honorary second. Molly, not content with an honorary second, challenged Hoodrobin to a face-off to determine the true winner.

Agreeing to this challenge, Hoodrobin suffered through both the attempts of Frank and Fergus to get into his head through distracting cantrips, and Molly landed a clear bull’s eye for the win. Daerik and Frank collected their winnings and shared their newfound wealth with Molly – Daerik gifting her fifty gold pieces and Frank gifting fifty gold pieces and one copper piece. Frank’s obvious one-upmanship caught him the stinkeye from Daerik, which in turn caused Frank to subtract one-half a friendship point from his secret chart of friendship.

All the while, Walker and Raoulfoph had been cooking up a storm in the food tent. Walker had just put the finishing touches on a beautiful ham bouquet and shared it with the rest of the party to celebrate Molly’s victory over Hoodrobin. The party then spend the night in tent city.

The next day, they continued on the road to Brekton, following it into the narrow gulch of a dry riverbed. Hearing a noise ahead, Fergus warned the party and they readied themselves for trouble. A Bugbear, still bearing the open wounds of a recent battled, trudged past them headed in the opposite direction, warning them they did not want to continue down the path. Nevertheless, the party continued onward until the came to another portal, completely blocking their progress.

After a few false-starts, Daerik attempted to toss a roped javelin through the portal – only to have a direwolf emerge from the portal and intercept the javelin in the shoulder. The party battled the angered beast. Daerik and Walker dashed to the fore to take it out with sword and shield. Molly climbed to the top of the cart to sling arrows from the high ground, while Frank used thorn whips and slings to assault the direwolf from a distance. Fergus called down the blessing of his god on the party, boosting their attacks.

The direwolf landed a mighty blow on Daerik, falling upon his shield and viciously slashing the half-elf, who fell to the ground. Determined to save her compatriot, Molly landed an impressive shot, embedding an arrow into the direwolf’s left eye. As the creature reared back in pain, Walker took advantage and drove a sword through it’s throat, ending the beast’s life. Behind where the direwolf fell, Fergus noticed an odd orange rock, which he picked up and added to his pack. Tending to their wounds, the party rested for the night, determined to continue their journey to Brekton in the morning.


moosetoph Frank_Boer

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