Converging in Bradleburg

In which our heroes start their intrepid adventure

After encountering a scroll written in ancient, mostly indecipherable Dwarvish writing, Fergus Bonehammer becomes convinced he shall finally master the arcane magic needed to raise the dead. Retreating to his secret cave beneath Jürenbjörn, Fergus attempted to practice the ritual depicted in the scroll on a deceased dire rat. But something went wrong, and Fergus found himself engulfed in a flash of blinding light.

Keye Kamora, ready to serve her god The Crooked Warden by entering into The Crooked Few thieves guild, traveled to Bradleburg for her final test. The guild instructed her to steal the most valuable object she could find from a large manor house (with no information about the owner – no questions asked). Spying a maid and an open window, Keye utilized her feat of Realistic Likeness to disguise herself as the maid Marian. But her clumsy infiltration attracted the attention of Walker Texas, a ranger in the employ of Warwick Illumian, and a guest of the manor. A ridiculously awkward meet cute occurred. While utterly convinced by Keye’s disguise, Walker sensed some shiftiness about the maid Marian…

Meanwhile, Molly Waldring left the tavern for the night, after imbibing in a few drinks. She traveled to Bradleburg for her brother’s upcoming initiation into the Ironguard. On her way out of the tavern she encountered a belligerent beggar, who accosted her with a shiv. Molly dashed away from the beggar, leapt over the fence of the nearby manor, and tumbled into safety.

At the same moment, Frans Boer, Jr. finally reached the city of Bradleburg. He came to start an investigation into the truth behind his birth parents. He also encountered the belligerent beggar, who attacked him and his cow Bessie. Defending his beloved bovine, Frank swiped at the beggar, knocking him unconscious. Suddenly, a flash of blinding white light illuminated the path, and launched the body of the beggar to the top of the manor’s roof. On the ground in his place laid Fergus, who arose, dusted himself off, and promptly announced “Don’t play with matches!”


moosetoph Frank_Boer

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